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Is Commercial Soap Better Than Natural Soap In These Times

Written by Adair Gautreau


Posted on April 10 2020





Without a doubt, many of us are feeling anxious as we navigate the uncertainty of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Many of us are feeling bombarded with information via the CDC, news, social media, long lost relatives and it can certainly put our minds in overload status.  Some of this information is true and some of it not.  For the last three or four weeks, I have been astonished by the questions and comments rushing in regarding natural soap products.  I have felt the pull to share these myths and facts about my chosen profession.  This blog is another source to help you navigate which products you decide to use to help you and your family stay safe and healthy. 


Myth: "I bought from the store because I know it will work better to kill the coronavirus".

Natural soap is not only as effective but is better for your overall health. When you wash your hands with soap, the molecules work by loosening the bacteria and viruses from the surface.  In other words, soap does not kill the bacteria and viruses. The soap bubbles attach to the sebum (this is the oily layer of your skin that the bacteria attaches to) and all the germs can be washed down the drain. It's like the soap is a police officer walking into a wild party. The officer walks in and everyone scatters.    


Myth: "I am not buying bar soap because it leaves bacteria on the soap after I wash my hands".

If you are worried about bacteria on bar soap, remember that our smart phones are dirtier than the typical toilet seat. If you're not assured, rinse the soap under running water before you use it.  That would remove any germs left behind. You want to use a bar soap when washing your hands because it causes more friction than a liquid soap.  You need that friction for twenty plus seconds for the soap to do its job.


Myth: "Antibacterial soaps have more ingredients in them to kill the germs on my hands". 

There are commercial soaps on the market that say they have antibacterial properties but the FDA found that these added ingredients were no more effective in cleaning and getting rid of germs than a regular bar of soap.  So, adding the harsh ingredients to your skin without any added benefits.  If there are no added benefits but contain ingredients that can actually harm you, why would you want to use it?  I could go on and on about what all the chemicals can do to your body but that can be a story for another day.


I am not a doctor or a scientist but I educate myself to the best of my ability.  I take my craft very seriously because I want to offer "THE BEST" to my customers.  I have linked two articles below.  I am quite sure these can explain the topic much more eloquently than I can.


Stay safe my friends!!!


New York Times:




  • Great read and very informative! Love these products! Thanks

    Posted by Crystal | April 17, 2020
  • Great Read! Thank you for the information.

    Posted by Emily | April 16, 2020
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