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Written by Juliet Meeks


Posted on May 02 2017

Juliet here, the designer behind the Love Life Soap Co. branding! I wanted to talk a little bit about our design process for Adair's new brand. When Adair and I first "met" online, in a little webinar where we were the only two attendees, she mentioned she needed help with her packaging. I LOVE designing packaging, especially illustration based designs, so I reached out and thought, hey how perfect! And Adair was game!

Just a couple weeks later as we were getting ready to get started on our project, Adair's home and studio flooded during the massive Louisiana flooding of summer 2016. I was devastated for her, because I knew exactly how that felt as my home was also flooded in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. She had to start over and recollect, including rebuilding her business. Since then, she decided to completely rebrand from her old business name. So over the next few months we started fresh with the new name Love Life Soap Co.! We settled on a name that felt positive with a simple appreciation for life, reflective of Adair's personality and philosophy. And here we are now, 8 months later with a brand new logo, business cards, tons of packaging, website and more!  Brand style guide shown below. 

For the soap packaging, I wanted to draw the eye with dainty yet colorful patterns and a hand lettered font that felt fun and casual. We also settled on a box that revealed the natural beauty of the soap with a little cut out peek through. We incorporated a surprise little quote for the bottom of each box too! 

Stay tuned as Adair continues to create more amazing products, which are a pleasure for me to design for! Don't forget to follow Love Life Soap Co. on Instagram for all the latest updates!
Product photography by Jordan Hefler
Branding and packaging design by Juliet Meeks



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